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Coping with Loneliness

Loneliness has been with us since the beginning and the response to Covid certainly hasn't helped. In this one I talk about some areas where it is addressed in the Bible and a few thoughts on how to move forward.

Have you (or your church) given up?

We seem to be in a world where lots of people just give up without even starting. Has that happened at your church or with your church attendance? Let's see how we can approach that…..

How God is Working in Brazil; Special Guest Abner

Tonight I speak with my friend and fellow Missionary Abner. He lives in Manaus, Brazil, and they have experienced many of the same things we have had in the United States. Locked down and at home…..we talk about how this may not have been OUR plan, but it is God's plan and it has provided both of us with opportunities to continue to serve Him.

63 Days in the Facebook wilderness

Tonight I talk about the important of finding that quiet alone time. Jesus gave us the template with his 40 days in the desert. I am able to find that time when I spend time in Brazil….and work on it now via my runs…and using this time to help me focus on what is good in life vs what is bad in life. Guess what was bad in life for me?

Keep the masks off!

In this video, I talk about the "mask" we all wear that hides our true feelings. Sometimes it's easy to just blend into the crowd…and even go along with activities that you know go against what it means to be a Christian. I share a couple examples of how I've taken off the mask thus letting people see my true self.