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Welcome to BK's BS (Brent Kassing's Bible Study).

From May of 2020 to October of 2021, I recorded a weekly 15 minute devotional every Wednesday live on Instagram, and uploaded it here and to YouTube. My purpose in doing so was to stay connected with a regular practice that occurs during our mission trips to Brazil. My goals were to:
1. Figure out a way to stay in touch with the Bible, without just reading the Bible for the sake of reading it. How can this applied today?
2. Be vulnerable and address topics personal to me and perhaps not so popular in the secular world.
3. Grow in my faith.

I'm very happy with how this practice met these goals. What's next? I'm not so sure…..but I do know Who to go to ask….

God Bless.


Back to the Amazon

Wrapping up BK's BS (for now), I talk about my upcoming trip to the Amazon. It's the end of this phase of my life where the pandemic came and left with a drought of time spend in the field doing missionary work. For some, there may be concerns about catching "something" while traveling, and isn't it best to wait until it's safer. And for that, I simply say, if you were struggling, alone and feeling as if nobody knew you existed, would you prefer someone reached out you? Yes, we wall would. The jungle may be full of "stuff", but most importantly, the jungle is full of people who need to know they are not forgotten, they are loved and we are here for them.

Where do you go for advice?

On my next to last BK BS, I speak about how I've turned to the Bible for advice across numerous issues these past 18 months. It's so easy for us to turn to a friend, the internet, a book or something else before turning to God. You may wonder, why should God care about ? Well, He does. He cares about your whole life. And the lesson I've learned from doing these weekly, is that the Bible has guidance for everything.

Workout or Religion

I love to workout. Taking care of your body not only help you feel good, but also helps you when you encounter challenging situations or illnesses. There are, however, it seems those who have turned their workout into a religion. Their various adoptions of various techniques can sometimes make it appear you are part of a cult vs getting a new workout. Does that make these clubs bad? Not at all…..but what I talk about here is being aware of THIS replace our true religion, our true belief system and what really matters namely our faith in Jesus Christ.

What is your dream....?

What is your dream ? The secular world tells you over and over about how you should get X, that is your dream. Will that dream fulfill you? (No). What do you think God's dream X is? Have you ever thought about how God will answer such a question?

If Only

Have you ever thought "if only"? Like, If only those people would do this? If only those people did what I told them to do? If only those people agreed with me? Right now, our "leaders" are telling us that "if only we'd get the shot" everything would return to normal. Do you know who else could play the "if only" game? If only Adam and Eve obeyed? If only the freed Egyptians were faithful? If only those who knew and Jesus truly believed? Right? We should be mindful of falling into the "if only" world. Not only do we not know someone else's situation, are you so arrogant to think YOUR way is the ONLY way? Thankfully we don't have an "if only" God. We have a God that loves us no matter what. Not if only.

why is it so hard to ask for help?

Most people, or perhaps most people I hang out with, don't ask for a lot of help. We like to do things ourselves. I know I like to just do it. Prove to people I can do it, and I don't need any help. Although admirable in a lot of cases, there are times when you should ask for help. Most importantly, there are plenty of people who enjoy and are uplifted through service to others. So what is is about us that causes us not to ask for help? Did Jesus ever ask for help?

Let your kids go!

As parents, it's natural for us to want to protect our kinds from evil, harm's way and other nasty things. However, this is not only unrealistic, but actually may be harmful. In Luke 9:3, Jesus sent out his disciples and said "Take nothing for the journey - no staff, no bag, no bread , no money no extra shirt….." Jesus knew it was not to protect all things the disciples will encounter.,..with many suffering and dying for their cause. God gives us that same freewill, and we too will have life challenges. And with that, it will be good.

All In!

The song Sails was on my mind. Essentially the song is about doing it your way all this time without realizing that God is with you all the time. And in reality, we should lift our sails because no matter what, God is with us and there for us. Thus, go all in!

5 Ways Golf is like Christianity

Did you know the golf journey is a lot like our Christian journey?

  • It’s a life long journey; there is always more you can do
  • It’s easy to lose focus
  • It can be frustrating and joyful at the same time; the struggles are worth it
  • It is better when done together
  • You do the wrong thing even though you know the right thing to do